Bramble Thicket

This little spot is full of thornbushes, and is a decent place to hunt for mice and voles. The nearby ravine almost runs right through it, so it's an ideal place to stop and rest for a couple of days.

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Social Butterfly [Lily & Tiny]

Oct 12, 2021 16:19:29 GMT

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Pine Woods

This section of the forest is filled with tall pine trees, unlike the rest of the forest's deciduous cover. It's fairly close to Twolegplace, and there's a small fenced-in section of it where it appears that twolegs have been cutting the trees down and taking them away.

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Riverbank (Forest)

This part of the forest is close to the river that runs along one side. A little ways into the river, there's a small island with a collection of rocks that would be nice to sun oneself on, but you'd have to swim a bit to get to them.

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A Little Lost Bird [Shellspots & Canary]

Jun 21, 2021 15:59:34 GMT

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The Forest

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