Introductions and Farewells

This board is for those who have recently joined or returned to the site, as well as those who are leaving or taking a prolonged absence. Feel free to introduce yourself here, or say hi if it's been a while! This is also a good place to let staff know if you'd like to be listed as on hiatus.

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Yo yo yo

May 13, 2021 22:42:18 GMT

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Plot Discussion

If you're looking for someone to plot a thread with, please do so here!

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Lynx's plotter

May 13, 2021 23:49:35 GMT

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Questions and Suggestions

If there's something in the game you're confused about, or perhaps you have the perfect idea for something new to add to the game, this is the place to post it! This place is also open to guest posting, so feel free to ask questions before joining if something confuses you.

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Chitchat 1 Viewing

This board is for general discussion with other players which doesn't relate to the game. You can be as off topic as you like here, so long as you're not breaking any of the rules! This board is also open to guest posting, so feel free to chat for a bit before joining if you're more comfortable doing so.

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Book Recs!

May 13, 2021 5:17:00 GMT

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Hello! Feel free to join our site Discord Server as well!
Kaeldra: Hello guests! c: May 11, 2021 17:21:21 GMT
Kaeldra: Happy Mother's Day to anyone who celebrates! I hope your day is lovely <3 May 10, 2021 0:11:31 GMT
Kaeldra: Happy Thursday everyone! I'll be popping in now and again so feel free to ask any questions or even just say hi! May 6, 2021 20:08:10 GMT
Kaeldra: Aaand finally caught up on ad linkbacks! Probably gonna start posting some more elsewhere tomorrow ^^ May 5, 2021 20:14:44 GMT
Kaeldra: -bounces around chat- May 4, 2021 22:15:47 GMT
Kaeldra: Oh, happy (very belated) birthday!! Always nice to get the most out of a birthday that you can xD May 3, 2021 18:04:07 GMT
Riley: I WISH it was still March. Then I could still be milking my birthday. XD May 3, 2021 3:53:13 GMT
Kaeldra: I still feel stuck in March some days, but I'm so glad it's finally getting warmer! I've missed the sun May 3, 2021 1:34:01 GMT
Riley: I can. I feel like this year is going slow. May 2, 2021 23:49:52 GMT
Zesha: I can't believe it's May already May 2, 2021 23:04:56 GMT *
Kaeldra: Good afternoon! Happy May everyone~ This year is flying by too quickly o: May 2, 2021 20:19:47 GMT
Kaeldra: Sorry for the inactivity lately guys! Now that finals are over I'm back and ready to get things moving :D I hope you're all well! Apr 29, 2021 20:24:28 GMT
Kaeldra: Happy Star Moon everyone~! Apr 1, 2021 20:50:24 GMT
Kaeldra: Thank you guest!! <3 Mar 10, 2021 17:37:20 GMT
Guest: This forum is beautiful!! Mar 10, 2021 15:02:40 GMT
Kaeldra: -rolls in like a tumbleweed- Mar 8, 2021 20:03:46 GMT
Kaeldra: Finally caught up with all my threads! And now I want to start more :'D Mar 4, 2021 0:13:34 GMT
Kaeldra: You have to admit, it is very visually pleasing though. Mar 3, 2021 21:31:17 GMT
Riley: Note to self. Got up till Ebon ad before losing steam. Start there. Mar 3, 2021 7:49:36 GMT
Riley: WHY did I think an advertisement directory was a good idea? Mar 3, 2021 3:24:22 GMT
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