Sparse Hollow

This bit of moorland dips downward, sand filling the bottom. It's covered in gorse for the most part, and makes a good hiding spot for rabbits or other prey.

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Waiting for Something (Riley/Flare+Gala/Sugar)

Jul 20, 2021 22:10:38 GMT

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Abandoned Barn

Situated at the very edge of the moor, this barn belongs to a twoleg farm and isn't used all that much anymore. It's a good place to find lots of mice just waiting to be hunted, though there's a good chance you'll have some competition. Dogs from the farm occasionally come this way as well.

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A Bump in the Night [Clementine & Miku]

Feb 9, 2021 22:08:48 GMT

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Rocky Outcropping

This area of the moor is characterized by a strip of large stones scattered on the ground. A few of them are tall enough that if a cat were to stand on them they'd be able to see nearly the entire moor.

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Show me what I'm looking for [Hollow & Gato]

Jul 29, 2021 0:07:46 GMT

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The Moors

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Kaeldra: Oh nooo D: Sunburns are the WORST. Hopefully it fades quick! Jul 27, 2021 3:12:47 GMT
Riley: Y'all my arms are sunburned to a crisp. Jul 26, 2021 4:37:32 GMT
Riley: -sings in 9 to 5 tune- We're gonna AD-VER-TISE! Yeah we're gonna AD-VER-TISE! Jul 25, 2021 4:35:17 GMT
Kaeldra: Same, I gotta steal some of that good writing energy :D Jul 16, 2021 21:28:03 GMT
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Riley: Woo! Jul 16, 2021 4:04:09 GMT
SilverWings: 3 threads replied in 2h I'm on a role! Jul 15, 2021 17:34:52 GMT
SilverWings: reeeunion! Jul 12, 2021 4:20:48 GMT
Kazu: and omg... Taxx too... it's been... so long lmao Jul 12, 2021 4:11:33 GMT
Kazu: Riley, as in, the Riley that ran a site once called Tundra? Is that you? Jul 12, 2021 4:10:32 GMT
Riley: I see that and raise you a pair of brothers called Yeet and Yoink. Jul 12, 2021 4:01:01 GMT
Taxx: doooo it Jul 12, 2021 1:22:29 GMT
Kaeldra: Their catchphrase is "Howdy, partner!" Jul 12, 2021 0:40:16 GMT
Zesha: Suddenly want two brothers named Yee and Haw Jul 12, 2021 0:10:17 GMT
Taxx: Yew not yee >.> Jul 11, 2021 23:17:41 GMT
Taxx: and Last has a brother and sister who could join a Clan at some point Jul 11, 2021 23:17:15 GMT
Taxx: tom Jul 11, 2021 23:16:28 GMT
Taxx: my Adderpool has two kits, Yee, a she-cat, and a ton, Thorn Jul 11, 2021 23:16:24 GMT
SilverWings: adopts you say? Jul 11, 2021 13:26:00 GMT
Riley: Which adopts? I'd like to see them! Jul 11, 2021 5:39:15 GMT
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