The Clan Renaissance is a play-by-post roleplay set in the universe of Warriors by Erin Hunter. It is set in the forest from the first arc, which is based on New Forest, England. This roleplay is in an Alternate Universe where none of the events in the books took place, and instead the Clans were wiped out after a gruesome battle approximately ten years ago. Stories of the Clans are still around, though much information has been lost to time. Now, the time has come for the four legendary Clans of old to rise once more.
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February 1, 2023 | At long last, the Thunder Moon 2021 is here! Take a gander at the latest News Post to see what’s transpired recently, and make sure to respond to the Age Up before February 14th!

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Thunder Moon 2021

Out of Character

News and Announcements

This is the place to find any and all updates to the game. Threads including news regarding the game and event information are all posted here.

Kaeldra posted in

Thunder Moon 2021 Age Up

Feb 20, 2023 23:46:33 GMT

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This is where any and all game information goes. If there's anything you'd like to know regarding the game, it'll likely be found here. If whatever you're looking for isn't here, you're welcome to ask a staff member or start a thread in the Questions and Suggestions board.

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Feb 1, 2023 18:48:41 GMT

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Character Department

Anything and everything related to characters goes in this board! Whether it's creating a character, finding someone to play a character related to yours, or simply keeping track of whose characters are whose, it'll all be in here.

chishio posted in

Application Check Requests

Mar 25, 2023 4:41:56 GMT

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If you feel like talking with your fellow members, whether it be about aspects of the game such as plot and suggestions for events or just off topic chatter, this is the place to do it! This board has guest posting enabled as well, so if you have anything you'd like to ask about the forum before you join, you're welcome to do so here! We also have an official Discord Server that you can join if you like!

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Sol’s Coding Playground

Mar 12, 2023 23:08:22 GMT

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If you'd like to advertise your own roleplay forum, you're welcome to do so here. All we ask is that we're able to return the favour. This is also where affiliates are handled.

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Darvey Island: HP Inspired

Mar 25, 2023 4:58:46 GMT

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In Character

The Forest

This forest is full of deciduous trees, along with just about any type of vegetation you can think of. Ferns, mosses, brambles, this place has it all. The area occasionally gets some visitors from Twolegplace nearby. It's bordered by a large thunderpath on one side and a river on the other.

Cheshire posted in

[Dusk & Chester] To What Do I Owe

Mar 23, 2023 16:38:14 GMT

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The Moors

This flat expanse of land may not look like much, but there's more to it than a cat might think. The long grasses and heather are home to quite a few rabbits, though you'll have to be quick to catch any.

Sigh posted in

Lost Things Are Carried Downwind [OPEN, 2/3]

Mar 12, 2023 12:15:02 GMT

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The Plains (RiverClan Territory)

This area is bordered by a river flowing from a wide gorge, and has a small horseplace beside it. There are a few islands here and there hidden in the reeds, one of which being the RiverClan camp.

Riley posted in

The Sound of Thunder [RiverClan]

Mar 26, 2023 7:19:58 GMT

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The Marshes

These marshes are full of pine trees and muddy terrain, so it can take some getting used to for cats unfamiliar with it. There's a carrionplace to the west of this area that is sometimes home to rats and other small wildlife.

delly posted in

Holding Down the Fort (Burnet/Rat)

Mar 26, 2023 14:49:22 GMT

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Twolegplace 1 Viewing

This area is occupied by a decently sized group of twoleg homes. Quite a few kittypets live here, as well as a few strays getting by on the streets. At one edge of Twolegplace lies the Forest.

delly posted in

Is That Me I See? (Cocoa/Dawn)

Mar 26, 2023 15:20:24 GMT

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News and Announcements Archive

All old news threads and announcements are stored here.

Kaeldra posted in

Flower Moon 2021 Age Up!

Aug 16, 2022 4:29:34 GMT

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Character Archives

Old threads that have anything to do with characters go here. Unfinished applications, character relations threads, completed adoptions, they all go here. If you have something in here you'd like moved back to its proper board, just PM a staff member and they'll move it for you.

dishcow posted in

Whistlepaw Application 10/17

Mar 11, 2023 1:49:43 GMT

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Thread Archives

This is where all threads that are considered non-canon are stored.

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You are my sunshine [birch fam]

Jan 22, 2023 5:56:07 GMT

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